Our Program


At Riverbend Ranch, we’re proud to offer a unique one-year leadership program that expertly intertwines continuous learning and mentorship with the art of horsemanship, all within a Christ-centered community. Our program is designed to foster growth, leadership, and personal development among boys who come to live with us.

Participants in our program reside in a home under the guidance of a Christian mentor, ensuring they receive the care and support they need and the spiritual nourishment that comes from attending weekly church services and youth group meetings. This structure helps them develop a solid moral foundation and a sense of belonging within a faith-based community.

Education plays a crucial role in our program. All boys attend local public schools, where we expect them to achieve and maintain passing grades. We strongly encourage our participants to engage in school sports and activities, promoting physical well-being, teamwork, and community involvement.

A cornerstone of the Riverbend Ranch experience is our comprehensive horsemanship training. Our program places a special emphasis on working with and understanding wild mustangs. The boys learn to care for, train, and build trust with these majestic animals, which, like them, are on their own journey of transformation. This unique aspect of our program draws powerful parallels between the challenges and breakthroughs of the Mustangs and the personal growth journeys of our boys.

Through this immersive experience, we aim to equip each participant with the skills, confidence, and character needed to navigate life’s challenges. The lessons learned through mentorship, community involvement, and horsemanship are invaluable, fostering resilience, leadership, and a deep sense of responsibility. At Riverbend Ranch, we are committed to guiding these young men to become strong, compassionate leaders grounded in Christian values.

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