Riverbend Ranch and Retreat

We envision a world where families thrive in safety and consistency, supported by strong communities that value respect, opportunity, and servant leadership. At Riverbend Ranch, we are committed to empowering families through educational workshops, family strengthening events, and a safe home for boys in need. Together, we strive to build a better future for all families.

How we are achieving our goals

We believe that the family unit has been broken down in our culture. Our goal is to build back the family unit by strengthening marriages, equipping parents and families with tools and skills to better communicate, express healthy emotional intelligence and helping individuals grow spiritually. Riverbend Ranch Boys Home Foundation is just a piece of the puzzle. We don't want boys to come here; we want them to be home with two loving parents. If a safe and healthy home for a boy is not available. In that case, Riverbend Ranch offers a year-long program to help boys grow spiritually, relationally and develop new skills and self-worth.


Children in Tennessee Foster Care System


of children are raised without a father figure in their life


of first marriages end in divorce within the first 15 years

Three Key Problems Caused By Habitat Change

The planet is at a crossroads. The actions we take together right now are important to protecting the natural world we rely on today—and for setting us on the path to a more hopeful, sustainable future.


Square km of land have been lost since 2000


Wildlife species threatened with extinction


Tonnes of food wasted each year

How Can We Help?

Riverbend Ranch is in need of finances to support our mission as well as the boys that live here on the property with us. We are currently exploring new avenues of earned income which will require time as well as money. The ranch has been a light in this community for over a decade operating as Arrowhead Ranch. We believe there is a great future ahead for Riverbend Ranch and we hope that you will join us.

Riverbend Ranch

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