About Us


Riverbend Ranch’s vision is to be a hub for the community. A place for support, encouragement, for fun and building of relationships.


We exist to ensure the solid foundation of the family unit through community partnership, family strengthening events and workshops as well as resident care for boys in need of a safe and consistent home.

The Dream:

Every child to be in a loving home with their two parents who love them and support them mentally and physically. Riverbend wants to be a pinnacle of family support in the middle Tennessee area. 

The Problem:

Divorce rate is over 50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages and 74% for third marriages.

43% of children in America are raised without a father figure in their lives.

Tennessee has 8000 kids currently in the foster care system with a rapid rise in Department of Children Service reports in the last 2 years.

How do we achieve our dream?

We believe that the family unit has been broken down in our culture. Our goal is to build back the family unit by strengthening marriages, equipping parents and families with tools and skills to better communicate, express healthy emotional intelligence and helping individuals grow spiritually.

Riverbend Ranch Boys Home Foundation is just a piece of the puzzle. We don’t want boys to come here; we want them to be home with two loving parents. If a safe and healthy home for a boy is not available. In that case, Riverbend Ranch offers a year-long program to help boys grow spiritually, relationally and develop new skills and self-worth. 

Our goal is also to help and support the families of the boys that are here. We offer coaching and support for the families to work toward reunification with their son(s). We also want to help married couples and families in the community grow together physically and spiritually. A healthy household needs a foundation of support, trust, love, and communication. Our goal is to help families in all stages of life grow together through retreats, workshops, and fun.

Support Needs:

Riverbend Ranch is in need of finances to support our mission as well as the boys that live here on the property with us. Due to the loss of the founding supporter and the community being set back by covid, we need great financial support, unlike anything we have had to deal with before. We are currently exploring new avenues of earned income which will require time as well as money. The ranch has been a light in this community for over a decade, and we believe there is a great future ahead for Riverbend Ranch.

We’re also looking for people to come partner with us and teach the boys skills and trades, tutoring, mentoring and people to come play games and fish with us. Along with the details listed above, we are always asking for prayer. That God would be leading us and guiding us to be a light in our world and to prayerfully be guided in every step we take.

How do we fulfill the mission of Riverbend Ranch?

Riverbend Ranch Boys Foundation is the anchor of our organization. We want to care for the boys while they are here and help resource families to be prepared for when they are reunited with their son.

We also want to support and care for families in all stages of life by providing care, training, and community through retreats, workshops, classes as fun activities. We want to support couples working to build a foundation as they prepare for a family of their own through to empty nesters learning how to support their family into the future.

All of the proceeds from Riverbend Ranch Retreat Center go to fund the Boys home.