Bushcraft Skills and Outdoors Classes

This summer, we of partnering with Twin Hawks Outdoors to offer 4 Bushcraft and outdoors skills Classes!

June 10th – Fire Starting
9 AM – 4 PM (Lunch included)
Become proficient in building campfires in our one-day fire-building workshop. We will help you learn the science behind fire building which we call “fire mechanics.”
The participant will learn how to select and process fire-building materials and will experience building a fire in difficult conditions with our fire-building challenge.
June 24th – Bushcraft Skills Workshop
9 AM – 4 PM (Lunch included)
In our Bushcraft Skills workshop, we will discover the many ways to craft things for your camp. Items such as a primitive pack frame, eating utensils, tripod, and much more. With a good knowledge of a few basic tools, knots, and materials, you can build almost anything.
July 8th – Primitive Tools and Weapons
9 AM – 4 PM (Lunch included)
Primitive Tools And Weapons is a great way to connect with our past. Topics to be covered include Pitch glue, river cane, natural cordage, bark containers, and fish hooks. In addition, we will learn about the Atlatl, and bow and arrow, giving the participant a chance to use both weapon systems. Start your journey into primitive technology today!
July 22nd – Introduction to Flint Knapping
9 AM – 4 PM (Lunch included)
With Introduction to Flint Knapping, learn the art and history of this ancient skill with primitive tools and basic techniques in a hands-on class. Dive right in with a rock in one hand and a tool in the other, and learn to fashion your own arrowhead!
For all classes, minors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.